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blephex1BlephExR ... The First and Only Doctor Treatment for Dry Eye and Blepharitis , blepharitis procedure, blepharitis cureOver 50% of all patients suffer from some type of dry eye and blepharitis symptoms.

BlephExR is a new, in-office procedure that allows your doctor to take an active role in treating dry eye and blepharitis.


blephex3BlephExR removes excess bacteria, biofilm and bacterial toxins, the main causes of inflammatory dry eye and lid disease.

With regular treatments, patients finally enjoy a life free from the chronic and irritating symptoms associated with dry eye and blepharitis.


The BlephExR treatment is well tolerated and only takes a few minutes to perform.

demodex1BlephExR can save the patient hundreds of dollars in the costs of prescription drops and artificial tears. See your eye doctor for this latest breakthrough in eyecare technology and dry eye treatment.


Patient experience:

"As an Eye Care Professional I did not know exactly what was causing my dry eyes. I did not have visable blepharitis and my glands did not look clogged, so when I had the BlephEx treatment and my eyelids expressed, I did not expect any big improvements, but my TBUT went from 4 seconds to 12 seconds in a 2 week period."



Practice experience

"Our office has had tremendous success combining the Oculus K5N, Eye Eco dry eye masks, and the BlephEx treatment. We feel the combination of treatments has elevated our dry eye level of care to new heights."


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